About Priscila Sousa


Priscila has lived in Framingham for two decades.

She has championed small businesses in the area, engaged in community events and has been an active participant on the Board of Selectmen’s Human Relations Commission. 

As mayor, she will govern to provide a voice for those who have become disenfranchised by the status quo.

She is a strong supporter of transparency in local government. Her mission is simple: support for education, families, the ageing population and small business owners that has been proven effective. Priscila's greatest hope is to shape a new city while holding fast to our town's core values. 

Priscila’s vision and community experience puts her in a strong position to deliver on these promises. Being the daughter of self-made small-business owners, she learned the importance of community and local government support for growing businesses early on in life. She understands the significance of small businesses, especially in Framingham, and is dedicated to ensuring that local businesses are not left behind as the new city continues to experience tremendous economic growth. 

Priscila takes immense pride in being a member of Framingham's Brazilian community. Growing up, she admired the hardworking and innovative individuals like her own parents; those who uprooted their lives, made a new home, put in years of back-breaking labor, all while assimilating to a new culture and language while not forgetting to share their own traditions. These pillars of persistence, molded Priscila into a dedicated woman that is ready to lead.

As the first to pursue higher education in her family, Priscila is familiar with paving her own way and looks forward to pioneering Framingham's transition into a city.

Her experience as a commissioner on the Board of Selectmen’s Human Relations Commission has exponentially grown her passion for her local community and her desire to see more diversity in local government leadership. Her work as a commissioner gave her valuable exposure to Framingham’s greatest resources and most pressing obstacles.

Her work experience spans across law, finance, and the nonprofit sector, through which she has been able to see, first-hand, the needs of the people as they pertain to varying industries. Her wealth of professional knowledge and proven adaptability will be a tremendous asset in a leadership role in the new City of Framingham.

As an active volunteer at Shadow’s Shelter for Women in Ashland, MA for four years, her greatest passions in life are to contribute her time, energy, and resources to those in need of a helping hand.

People of Framingham, your mayoral candidate, Priscila Sousa, shares your concerns. More importantly, she is here to listen to them. As mayor, you can count on Priscila to implement these ideas and produce tangible results that you, as citizens, can be proud of.


P.S. The community will not be an afterthought under my administration.



You can contact her by clicking here.